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Table of Contents
FM 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Manual

Chapter Number  
1 Introduction
2 Individual Clothing and Equipment
2 Individual Clothing and Equipment - Nose and Cheek Protectors and Masks
3 Small Unit Living
3 Small Unit Living - Improvised Shelters
3 Small Unit Living - Food and Water
3 Small Unit Living - Hygiene and First Aid
3 Small Unit Living - Bivouac Routine
4 Skiing and Snowshoeing
4 Skiing and Snowshoeing- The Walking Step
4 Skiing and Snowshoeing- Herringbone
4 Skiing and Snowshoeing- Military Snowshoeing
5 Movement
5 Movement - Land Navigation
5 Movement - Sleds
6 Combat Techniques
6 Combat Techniques - Fighting Techniques
6 Combat Techniques - Mines and Obstacles
7 Small Unit Leaders

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